The first, simplest and most important thing to check. If the digital asset doesn't provide value to users, we instantly ignore it


We study different metrics to determine a stable site, that enables us to invest in solid websites with some healthy gradual growth rates


We prepare a detailed feasibility study based on historical validated revenue and costs number, while checking for any hidden figures


Finding a Brilliant Website

Digging through hundreds of websites to find one jewel is a very sensitive task. We have created a selection criteria in which we can safely sort through a lot of invaluable projects and acquire only the best available out-there

Negotiating a Great Deal

Trying to get the best possible gems for the best possible price is important, it enables us to earn the paying price back in less time, thus helping us to focus on reinvesting more profits on growth and expansion

Finalizing the Transfer

Transferring our digital assets and domains through using the most secure platforms available. Usually, we buy from sellers located in different countries around the globe, this whole process occurs online, so security is essential for our model

Full Site Audit

Websites are like organisms, a website regardless of its size, contains tens of thousands of small details that you can change, whether its code lines, design elements, search meta data, content, images, rich snippets, external and internal links.. There is always potential to improve

Redesigning the Elements

Our mission is to deliver value to users in every way, that includes user experience. In our age, if your site is not focused and easy to use, you will lose both people and search robots. We believe web design is the new version of art

Restructuring the Content

One crucial process affecting user experience and search engine optimization. Sadly, this happens more than developers would like, a lot of untapped potential get buried in pages that were badly shown in the site's structure or navigation

Automating the Process

Owing and growing websites is always tricky and challenging. If a website is not growing, sooner or later it will shrink in value and traffic. The automation process provides stability and freshness to our assets, that is important in maximizing search ranking and user retention

Monitoring the Results

We track all analytics and social data to improve content and experience. Additionally users feedback is important to ensure continuous improvement and determine value storage. Continuous improvement is an essential part of this process

While almost nothing need to be said when you have eyes!